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Grosjean's "on-the-edge" driving to be raised in drivers' briefing - Ricciardo

Grosjean's "on-the-edge" driving to be raised in drivers' briefing - Ricciardo


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Grosjean's "on-the-edge" driving to be raised in drivers' briefing - Ricciardo

Grosjean's "on-the-edge" driving to be raised in drivers' briefing - Ricciardo

Renault driver Daniel Ricciardo has suggested Romain Grosjean's "on-the-edge" driving during the British Grand Prix will be raised during the next drivers' briefing.

Grosjean was summoned to the stewards after weaving under braking whilst defending from Ricciardo into Brooklands for which he received a warning.

That had followed another incident earlier in the race when he was shown a black-and-white flag - a driving-standards warning - for a similar misdemeanour with Carlos Sainz at Stowe.

Ricciardo revealed the pair had discussed the incident after the race and confirmed the Haas driver accepted he was on the limit.

"I didn't go in there with guns a-blazing," said Ricciardo.

"I think Romain has been around long enough so I didn't want to go in and educate him because as I said, he should know by now what he is doing.

"I just said, 'Look, it isn't only me that is in danger obviously with a late move, maybe I break my front wing but likely that you get a puncture as well'.

"So it is really for both of us in that scenario, and I told him, 'If you time it and just move a little earlier then I probably go to the outside and you probably have a better chance at a defence as well'.

"But it is all stuff that he knew. I think when he saw the video he knew it was a bit late. I didn't feel like the need to go back and forth.

"The stewards were quite good about it but we will probably bring it up in the drivers' meeting next week just to get the other views, but I am sure everyone is on board."

Grosjean had earlier explained he defended so aggressively because he had seen "Max [Verstappen] use it a lot before during his racing", and therefore believed it would be fair to "take advantage" of that.

Riccardo responded by saying he thought the issue of movement under braking was in the past as it had been dealt with following previous incidents, but will now be discussed again on Friday ahead of the 70th Anniversary GP at Silverstone.

"I think it was back in 2016," he recalled.

"Max was doing it a few times under braking and we addressed it and I felt that we had moved on from that. Behaviour has been pretty good from memory, for the most part, the last few years.

"I gave Romain my opinion of it and tried to give him a pretty diplomatic answer. If we bring it up in drivers' briefing on Friday, just probably open the conversation again I think probably he will realise a bit more.

"I am sure if all the drivers if they see it, they will say it was a little bit on the edge and I think the main thing is that it is an unnecessary risk for all of us, even for him.

"In that case, he risked getting a puncture or something so I think it is just for all of us and the longevity of our race."

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Grosjean is clearly the pariah driver of the field. Can't understand why HAAS holds onto him.

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