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Hamilton hopes for "more united" front after seven drivers opt not to take a knee

Hamilton hopes for "more united" front after seven drivers opt not to take a knee



Hamilton hopes for "more united" front after seven drivers opt not to take a knee

Hamilton hopes for "more united" front after seven drivers opt not to take a knee

Lewis Hamilton has called for "more conversation" after seven drivers opted not to take a knee during a more organised anti-racism protest ahead of the British Grand Prix.

F1 and the FIA delivered on their promise of providing the drivers with a window of opportunity to highlight the cause following criticism of the rushed and fragmented displays at the previous two races.

The option of taking a knee has become a bone of contention, with Kevin Magnussen increasing the number up to seven of those electing to stand after Charles Leclerc, Max Verstappen, Carlos Sainz, Kimi Raikkonen, Antonio Giovinazzi and Daniil Kvyat did so before the first race in Austria.

While Hamilton was naturally content with F1's response to his request to allow more time for the drivers to show their support, he remains surprised by the position of the seven drivers not to take a knee when all athletes across the world have been doing so in other sports.

"Formula 1 did a much, much better job after a lot of the discussion, a lot of talking last week about how we can come together and do that," said Hamilton. "As you saw, it was a lot more professional.

"I'm not going to tell you my opinion on whether or not everyone needs to kneel or not, but if you look at all the other sports, if you look at basketball, you look at football and the Spanish teams, Italian teams, teams all over the world, no matter what nationality or mixture they are, they are all doing it united.

"You've got players from Russia, players from Spain, so I think it is a work in progress. When the reasoning for not doing it is how you think it would be perceived in your country, all you have to do is look at other sports because they [the athletes] are doing it so I do hope that bit-by-bit we can come more and more together, more united."

As for Magnussen now in opposition, Hamilton added: "I am really proud of all the drivers wearing the 'End Racism' t-shirt. I think there is progression. I don't know why Magnussen hasn't done it [taken a knee]. I've not spoken to him.

"But bit-by-bit I think we will just try to improve each other's understanding. I think the most important thing is the drivers continue to have respect for each other, which I think we do, and maybe there just needs to be more conversation.

"I know that Formula 1 hasn't spoken to any of the drivers and no-one else perhaps has spoken to them individually."

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Comments (3)


I for one am sick and tired of Hamilton and his knee bending, black power salutes and general wingeing of how tough its been for him as a black person to have got where he is now, a well paid tax exile! We all know the Hamilton story and it hasn't been one of tough times in f1.

I would like to see how good a driver hamilton really is by seeing him drive any other car on the grid except a Mercedes.

Get over yourself Hamilton and just race.

By the way I've sold both my Mercs in protest at Mecedes position on BLM.

20 2  Reply

If Hamilton's not willing to stand alone for something he believes in, then he should sit down and shut up.

14 2  Reply
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