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Hamilton frustrated by lack of diversity progress; calls on Todt to be 'a leader'

Hamilton frustrated by lack of diversity progress; calls on Todt to be 'a leader'



Hamilton frustrated by lack of diversity progress; calls on Todt to be 'a leader'

Hamilton frustrated by lack of diversity progress; calls on Todt to be 'a leader'

Lewis Hamilton does not believe any progress has been made in Formula 1 since he raised awareness over the lack of diversity in the sport at the start of the season.

The topic has become a political hot potato in F1, with Hamilton's outspoken comments and his pledge towards the Black Lives Matter campaign sparking a wide-ranging debate, along with the action of taking a knee.

While there was initial support from F1 and the FIA, notably the instigation of the #WeRaceAsOne engagement, Hamilton has been dismayed by what has since transpired.

It recently led to him criticising F1 and Grand Prix Drivers' Association director Romain Grosjean, who was in turn defended by Haas team principal Guenther Steiner.

Asked as to whether he was proud of the progress made, or frustrated and disappointed given the actions of certain individuals, Hamilton replied: "We haven't made any progress.

"We've said things, there have been statements released and we've made gestures, such as kneeling, but we've not changed anything, except some of our awareness."

It appears Hamilton is irritated by the lack of a reaction from the other nine F1 teams beyond his own in Mercedes.

"I am definitely encouraged by our team and those in Formula 1 asking 'What more can we do? How can we do it better?'" added Hamilton.

"It's about communication, so I'll get back on a call with Formula 1 and see where they are, where they are feeling confused, and whether they're feeling the pressure. I'd love to know what Jean and Chase think, and what the organisation thinks moving forward.

"But there is no progress yet. So far it's been visible, but there are nine teams - I think there is one I've spoken to which is working in the background, but there are no other teams I know of that are being held accountable, or hold themselves accountable."

While the six-time F1 champion has been doing all he can to promote awareness, he feels it needs someone in authority to issue a call to arms from the rest of F1, such as FIA president Jean Todt.

"You need a leader," declared Hamilton "Where is Jean in that scenario?

"It shouldn't be for me to call the teams, or to call the teams out. I will encourage them, but it shouldn't be me getting on a call with them and saying 'Hey, what are you doing? What's your plan?'

"That should be discussed and announced from the top down, that should be discussed by the higher powers that pull the strings."

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I think you will find Mr Todt is a very busy man unlike you Hamilton that lives your life on Social Media and clearly has nothing better to do. ALM.

21 8  Reply

Instead of Hamilton concentrating to his racing, he seems obsessed to be in the news with statements that is already being taken care by the appropriate experts.

Samir - Sweden.

21 5  Reply
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