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Red Bull to seek clarification from the FIA over Mercedes' DAS

Red Bull to seek clarification from the FIA over Mercedes' DAS


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Red Bull to seek clarification from the FIA over Mercedes' DAS

Red Bull to seek clarification from the FIA over Mercedes' DAS

Red Bull is to seek clarification from the FIA as to the legality of Formula 1 rival Mercedes' innovative DAS system.

The dual-axis steering device, that via a push and pull on the steering wheel alters the toe of the front wheels, was first seen on the W11 in pre-season testing.

Mercedes confirmed then they had long been in discussions with the FIA as to whether they were taking the right development route, and while the governing body seemingly had no qualms over it at the time, it has since closed the loophole and the system is banned from next year.

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner has confirmed he will now be speaking with the FIA as to whether it should be on the Mercedes for this season.

"It's a very clever system so all credit to the engineering behind it, but the question for us is, does it comply with the regulations, in what is a fundamentally a pretty grey area," said Horner, speaking in Friday's team principals' press conference at the Red Bull Ring ahead of the Austrian Grand Prix.

"We do want clarity on it because it does have an impact regarding the rest of this year. It's something that's been outlawed for next year, but the question is, is it right for this year? They're the questions we'll be asking of the FIA through the necessary channels."

Mercedes motorsport boss Toto Wolff is ready to go head-to-head with Wolff in defence of DAS, that Mercedes has confirmed is on the car this weekend.

"I respect Christian's position," said Wolff. "Clarification is always good. We think we are on the right side.

"There was a lot of talking and exchange with the FIA, that's the reason why we have it on the car, so we will both bring our arguments forward. Let's see."

Should Mercedes win the fight, Horner has implied that Red Bull has its own system ready to deploy.

"We've certainly looked at it," added Horner. "Like any component, it has to earn its place on the car for the penalty that it carries for the weight and packaging etcetera.

"it's certainly something, that subject to clarification, would be under evaluation for the rest of this year."

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Always pathetic sour grapes from Horner, it's not enough for someone else's innovation to be banned from next year he wants them to lose any advantage this year too.

It was legal when it was developed, Mercedes did everything right, they innovated, they discussed it with the FIA, so it must be legal this year, but he wants to s**t-stir. Horner is such a weasel, devoid of any class which is also reflected in his crass personal behaviour.

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