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Ferrari confirm Tuesday test at Mugello

Ferrari confirm Tuesday test at Mugello



Ferrari confirm Tuesday test at Mugello

Ferrari confirm Tuesday test at Mugello

Ferrari will test at Mugello on Tuesday, replicating the test of Formula 1 rivals Mercedes by using 2018 machinery.

Given the absence of running since the close of pre-season testing in February, several teams have taken advantage of a quirk in the regulations, which allows drivers to test in Formula 1 machinery for as long as they like, but only if the cars are at least two-years old.

In a bid to get both Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel, the German entering his final year with the team, up to speed, Ferrari will head to Mugello for a one-day test in the 2018 SF71H.

While Mercedes tested at Silverstone and Renault at the Red Bull Ring, two venues that have previously hosted grands prix events, Ferrari owned Mugello is believed to be on a shortlist of circuits on standby to host a race should the European leg of the championship need to be extended.

This means, even in older machinery, the data gathered and circuit knowledge gained by Vettel and Leclerc could pay dividends later in the year.

Ferrari is particularly keen to see Mugello feature, as, should the race follow on directly after the Italian Grand Prix at Monza, Ferrari would then celebrate its 1000th grand prix on home turf.

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