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Leclerc: However we race, 'we want to win'

Leclerc: However we race, 'we want to win'



Leclerc: However we race, 'we want to win'

Leclerc: However we race, 'we want to win'

Charles Leclerc has said the competition between himself and fellow Formula 1 drivers makes virtual racing 'even more fun'.

The Ferrari driver has taken part in multiple esports events in recent months, many alongside former karting team-mates George Russell and Alex Albon.

Speaking to the FIA #RaceAtHome digital magazine, Leclerc said that the events have been great to rekindle old friendships.

“[It's fun], especially with George and Alex, because Lando is a bit younger than us, so actually I think the first time we raced together was in Formula 1, but [I’ve known] George and Alex for a very long time.

“It’s still very fun and I think it’s great that we can find all of us again, because we were teammates back in 2010 in karting, so it was a long time ago.

With the foursome in Formula 1, the camaraderie started to dwindle. However, Leclerc believes the competitive edge that created the divide also helps to increase the enjoyment when racing.

“To now be in Formula 1, obviously with the different paths in our careers that made us split a little bit and we didn’t speak as much as we did earlier – now, with the situation, with sim racing, we’ve got all back together and it’s great because they are friends too.

“Whenever we have a car, a virtual one or a real one, we all want to win. That’s what makes it even more fun.”

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Thu 09 Jul

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