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McLaren move a second chance for Ricciardo F1 success

McLaren move a second chance for Ricciardo F1 success



McLaren move a second chance for Ricciardo F1 success

McLaren move a second chance for Ricciardo F1 success

Daniel Ricciardo and McLaren will be a successful combination former Formula 1 champion Mika Hakkinen has predicted.

Hakkinen described the signing of Ricciardo as a "fabulous result" for the team - the Australian joining the team as a replacement for Ferrari-bound Carlos Sainz.

"Having Ricciardo join McLaren, that is a fabulous result for Zak Brown and his team, how they've been able to get Ricciardo to join." Hakkinen told the Inside Formula 1 podcast.

"He's a great talent, a great driver. Suddenly he's not getting results and it's a shame so it's great news that he's joined McLaren because they are positively on their way to good success."

To date, Ricciardo has completed just one season of racing with Renault, and the decision to move suggests pre-season testing for the 2020 season did little to assure the Australian that progress was being made.

Hakkinen continued: "Is the one-year enough? Yes, you know the potential of the team, how powerful the engine is, how good the aerodynamic people that you have are, what is the final situation of the team, a lot of different elements guide you already to know what is happening today and the future.

"One year, when Ricciardo is there racing, I'm sure he knew what was happening and if he did not know, it is pretty shocking for me."

During his time with Red Bull, Ricciardo won seven-grands prix, and Hakkinen views this new chapter in the Australian's career as a second chance to attain glory.

"Now this move, I feel it gives him great new motivation and hope because McLaren is in a very positive way and moving in the right direction constantly," said Hakkinen.

"I think that way, he has a new chance there, to prove again that he is a great personality, yes he is a great racing driver, yes he is a great team player.

"They saw he had some great results in the races, but he has a young guy, Lando Norris, who is a very fast young driver and has experience already with the team, so it is not that easy to come there and be number one in the team."

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