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F1 return will be 'normal and abnormal at the same time'

F1 return will be 'normal and abnormal at the same time'



F1 return will be 'normal and abnormal at the same time'

F1 return will be 'normal and abnormal at the same time'

Haas driver Romain Grosjean has said a potential run of four-consecutive grands prix to get the 2020 Formula 1 season started 'will be a challenge'.

The global lockdown has delayed the start of the Formula 1 season, and Grosjean is excited to finally get back to the track, although he did admit he is unsure of what to expect.

"It’s going to be normal and abnormal at the same time, because we’re going to go back to racing and driving car, but also we’ll have a limited number of people around and no spectators," Grosjean told the Sky Sports F1 Vodcast. "So some things will be very different, but some things will be the same."

"I think it’s going to be good. Everyone is looking forward to going back racing. Whenever I WhatsApp with my engineer, he’s ready to go racing as much as we all are, and we want to do that.

Formula 1 is aiming for a return to the track with a double-header in Austria starting on July 5, potentially followed by two further races in Germany at Hockenheim should the UK quarantine rules make it impossible to race at Silverstone.

"It will be hard. It will be a challenge, but if it’s the way to make it happen and this is what we need to do for the best for Formula 1, then so be it. It’s going to be hard, but we were all aware that this could happen," continued Grosjean.

"We are enjoying the time that we have now, but obviously, when we start racing, it could be four races in a row in Europe then, when we go to Asia, is it going to be the same thing? We could be away for months.

"We just need to be prepared and I think it’s going to be different.

"It’s not what we used to have in terms of racing and then fly as late as you can and as early off as you can, but we need to go racing. We need to do the best for everyone, and if it takes a little bit of time away then so be it."

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