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Haas' Formula 1 future assured

Haas' Formula 1 future assured



Haas' Formula 1 future assured

Haas' Formula 1 future assured

Haas team principal Guenther Steiner has declared owner Gene Haas to be "in a good place", and as a result, the team is "here to stay".

Haas suggested at the start of the year that the 2020 campaign could be his team's last in F1 if it proved as disastrous as 2019.

The current coronavirus crisis has added fuel to the fire, with the team giving the impression of being the most under threat of dropping out of F1 the longer there is no racing.

Addressing the situation, Steiner added: "If we can get through this one, we have a good future going forward.

"We have done a lot in the sport in the short time we have been there - a lot in our little world because we are not one of the big players here, we are a small player - but for a small team we've added something, so I think we have got a good future."

Speaking during a Sky Sports F1 vodcast, Steiner added: “We are here to stay. For sure, we have to see out this scenario. If we can get in what the plan is now, we are good for the year.

"At the moment I'm in touch with Gene - I wouldn't say every day, but almost every day. He wants to be involved in what is happening, and now it’s getting a little easier because we have at least some vision of what is happening.

“He seems to be in a good place. We just need to be diligent, and with the budget cap, all this will bring the teams together and will help, and now we have to do a good job.

“As I've said before, I think we are here to stay.”

In light of the ongoing situation, the budget cap has already been reduced from the planned $175million to $150million, with talks ongoing to slash it further, a factor that will help Haas survive.

“That’s what the FIA president [Jean Todt] wants to go for so we have a secure future and hopefully have all teams around in the years to come,” said Steiner.

“At the moment we have 10 strong teams, and we should try to preserve them, or help as much as possible to keep them going.

“As always there are politics at play, who wants more, who wants less. Somewhere we need to find the middle ground, and in my opinion, we are very close to finding this middle ground.”


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