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No 'DAS' for Ferrari until mid-season at best says Binotto

No 'DAS' for Ferrari until mid-season at best says Binotto



No 'DAS' for Ferrari until mid-season at best says Binotto

No 'DAS' for Ferrari until mid-season at best says Binotto

Mattia Binotto believes Ferrari would have to wait until mid-season before deploying their own DAS system on this year's Formula 1 car.

Mercedes' rivals throughout the paddock have been caught off guard by the reigning world champion's innovative dual-axis steering concept that Valtteri Bottas is convinced will give his team an edge this season.

Dual Axis Steering (DAS): What is it, and why is it causing controversy?Read more

With Binotto concerned with the apparent lack of pace of the SF1000, and if Bottas is proven correct, then Ferrari already face a battle to challenge Mercedes before a wheel has turned in anger.

Asked whether Ferrari could adopt the concept before the season-opening Australian Grand Prix in mid-March, a dismissive Binotto said: "No. I've no idea if it will be worthwhile or not, but it would certainly take longer than that.

"It's an entire first-concept design. If it is (to feature on the Ferrari) I think it can be mid-season, not earlier."

While the FIA is understood to have so far deemed DAS legal, it is possible the system could yet face a challenge by another team following scrutineering in Melbourne.

Binotto has confirmed, though, Ferrari will not be that team

"I think we fully trust the FIA," said Binotto. "I'm pretty sure they've already done the right decision. I completely trust what the FIA will judge.

"We need to understand how it works and what will be the performance benefit. I don't think at the moment we've any idea, but we will look into it, no doubt, as to what the development implications are and whether it's worthwhile developing it or not.

"Are we discussing it with the FIA? Not yet, but we will do for clarification for us to understand.

"We will not challenge the FIA because we trust them fully on what will be, or has been, the decision on that."

Despite Bottas' boasts, Binotto does not believe it will be race or championship defining.

"Mercedes has a great car," assessed Binotto. "It has shown itself to be fast.

"There are a lot of innovations on cars. I see that a few of the solutions on the Mercedes have been copied from the Ferrari.

"DAS is certainly visible. A game-changer? I don't think so. It's part of the entire package."


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