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ABB Formula E lift the covers off the Gen2EVO

ABB Formula E lift the covers off the Gen2EVO



ABB Formula E lift the covers off the Gen2EVO

ABB Formula E lift the covers off the Gen2EVO

ABB Formula E have revealed images of the new Gen2EVO electric racer which will be used from the 2020/21 season.

In a similar way to with the first generation of Formula E machinery, the championship has revealed an evolution of the design rather than a complete redesign. In profile, the is not too much different between the two cars but, on closer inspection, a few extra details stand out.

The obvious changes come towards the rear of the car. A shark fin now protrudes from the engine cover, reminiscent of the 2017 Formula One cars, and, while the extreme rear diffuser remains, the small twin rear wings have changed from being positioned over the tyres to a more conventional central position.

Small changes have been made to the front profiling of the car and, as with prior regulations, teams will be unable to develop the aerodynamic. As ever, the focus is on the powertrains in ABB Formula E.

"The Gen2 already stands out as one of the most striking race cars to hit the track, and just as the name implies, the Gen2 EVO is another evolution of the distinctive design," said founder and chairman Alejandro Agag. "As we did with the first-generation car, the Gen2 EVO has been given reprofiled bodywork to make it look more sleek and agile.

"This car will forever go down in the history books as the first to challenge for an ABB FIA Formula E World Championship.

"I would like to thank FIA President Jean Todt and his team for making this evolution take shape. Its futuristic design once again showcases Formula E as the category for innovation in both technological advances and appearance."

The Gen2EVO will be shown properly for the first time on March 3 when launched on the FIA stand at the Geneva Motor Show.

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