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F2 driver Correa clarifies 'out of context' FIA medical comments

F2 driver Correa clarifies 'out of context' FIA medical comments



F2 driver Correa clarifies 'out of context' FIA medical comments

F2 driver Correa clarifies 'out of context' FIA medical comments

Formula 2 driver Juan Manuel Correa after reports of him being critical of FIA officials following the crash at Spa Francorchamps, the same incident that took the life of Anthoine Hubert, that left the Ecuadorian with serious leg injuries.

Reports circulating on Friday quoted Correa as being highly critical of the way that the FIA moved on from the weekend at the Belgium Grand Prix and all but forgot about him and his condition, but Correa took to Instagram to explain that his words had been taken out of context.

"I would like to address certain comments attributed to me in a recently published article by essentiallysports.com about my experience on August 31 2019 in Spa [Francorchamps] Belgium," wrote Correa.

"The fact is that many of the statements ascribed to me are either taken out of context or simply not accurate. And while I am sure that the journalist involved had only the best intentions, I think it is critical that I set the record straight.

"As you all know, I have the utmost respect for the journalists that cover our sport and support us, but I cannot allow remarks that I did not make go on the record undisputed.

"But instead of repeating here the misinformation that was contained in the article, I will instead just share with you directly my thoughts and feelings regarding the subject discussed in that interview.

"First, I have not yet formed any opinion regarding any negligence or ignorance in relation to the accident. As far as I am concerned, the investigation is ongoing and I am still waiting for the final accident report to be released by FIA.

"Although I must admit I am a bit surprised that the report is taking this long, I am confident that it will be released soon so I can finally begin to understand exactly what happened on August 31 2019 in Spa.

"Secondly, I have not accused anyone of anything. I have merely pointed out facts related to the sequence of events that occurred post-accident, how my family and myself experienced that ordeal, and the many lessons that all of us can learn from this unfortunate event.

"Again, the investigation is ongoing, and I trust the lessons learned will be incorporated as part of its recommendations.

"And finally, when I referred to Formula 2 as 'the circus', I did not mean it in a disrespectful or derogatory manner. It was merely my way of describing the general hectic commotion that goes hand in hand with a racing event such as the F2 championship.

"In order to avoid any additional misunderstandings, such as the one that occurred with this article, I will refrain from further discussion of the matter in public until I have read the final and complete Accident Investigation Report from the FIA."


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