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Leclerc explains how Binotto can be a 'tough' boss

Leclerc explains how Binotto can be a 'tough' boss



Leclerc explains how Binotto can be a 'tough' boss

Leclerc explains how Binotto can be a 'tough' boss

Charles Leclerc says Mattia Binotto’s calming presence around the team is beneficial, but reveals that the Ferrari boss can be “tough” when he needs to be.

The 2019 campaign has been one of mixed emotions for the Scuderia as they had to wait until after the summer break to claim their first victory, which allowed Mercedes to steamroll their way to the top of the championship which they eventually won in Japan.

However, the emergence of Leclerc as a superstar, and the extreme pace of their car on the straights, have been two reasons for positivity.

Binotto carries himself as a composed individual, particularly in front of the cameras and the media, but the Monegasque driver says his team principal isn’t afraid to criticise if the situation warrants.

"He's a calm person, which is important in an environment like Formula 1," Leclerc told Speed Week.

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"But he can be tough too if he needs to be. I think that's all you need when you're the boss."

Leclerc claims the tough side of Binotto is seen whenever there is disagreements or tension between the drivers, which has happened a few times this campaign with himself and Sebastian Vettel.

"We do not like to see that, the whole team does not like it, and you don't need it in a team. So he has to be tough at those moments,” he added.

"He knows I'm very hard on myself, so he adjusts to that when maybe he could have been tougher. He wants to be tougher but he sees that I messed up and that only thing he tries to do is build me back up.”


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