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Button: Ferrari tactics very strange

Button: Ferrari tactics very strange



Button: Ferrari tactics very strange

Button: Ferrari tactics very strange

Jenson Button has once again questioned Ferrari’s decision to change the positions of Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc during the Russian Grand Prix.

The German made a superb start to the race and quickly got ahead of his younger team-mate, over for a squabble between the two drivers and Ferrari management to play out over team radio, with the Scuderia subsequently allowing Leclerc to go ahead of Vettel at a pit stop.

The tactic ultimately didn’t work as Lewis Hamilton won the race and Vettel was forced to retire anyway, but former world champion Button believes they should have made the change in the first place.

"I don't understand what they do at Ferrari why keep that deal intact if Vettel was much faster and didn't need any advantage from it?" the Brit told Speedweek.

"He had to fight for that [position, ed]and I think it's very strange that he had to give it up.

"You can safely drive with two drivers side by side, both in the lead, but the situation at Ferrari is now really strange. Once upon a time one and the other is favoured."

Ferrari have been the most impressive team since the 2019 summer break, with Leclerc winning two races on the bounce in Spa and Monza and Vettel emerging victorious in Singapore before Hamilton broke their run in Russia.


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