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Reason for Vettel's slump explained by Montoya

Reason for Vettel's slump explained by Montoya



Reason for Vettel's slump explained by Montoya

Reason for Vettel's slump explained by Montoya

Sebastian Vettel's ongoing slump is caused by a technical problem, rather than a mental issue, believes Juan Pablo Montoya.

Vettel's rut was brought into fresh light at the Italian Grand Prix as he spun out of fourth place, made contact with Lance Stroll while re-joining the circuit and finished 13th – a state of affairs put into even harsher context by Charles Leclerc securing Ferrari's first Monza win since 2010.

A series of spins cost Vettel crucial ground in last year's title fight with Lewis Hamilton and the German has now gone over a year without a grand prix win.

Former Williams and McLaren racer Montoya believes a deficiency in handling the Ferrari car may be leading to Vettel pushing too hard and opening himself up to mistakes.

"I think he doesn't like something in the car or this year's tyres and Leclerc is able to better adapt," Montoya told Motorsport.com.

"Vettel has to suffer to go as quick as the other guy. Because he has to suffer and he is not comfortable, he makes mistakes. When you're not happy with the car and you push, mistakes happen.

"I don't think it's a mental thing. It is more a technical one. It's about understanding, having someone on your side who's able to find what's going on."

Montoya doubts that Vettel will see Ferrari alter the future philosophy of its car to suit him, meaning the German will simply have to buckle down.

"He's going to have to get his head down with the team and work harder than he ever has," Montoya said.

"The only way is working harder, doing something different to what he's doing now. He must be used to working in a certain way, but right now it's not working out for him."


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