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Vettel once again reprimanded by Italian press after Monza

Vettel once again reprimanded by Italian press after Monza



Vettel once again reprimanded by Italian press after Monza

Vettel once again reprimanded by Italian press after Monza

The contrasting fortunes of Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel was naturally at the forefront of Europe's Formula 1 media after Ferrari's first Monza win since 2010.

Leclerc fought off Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas to break the Scuderia's home drought, but Vettel had a stinker, spinning out of fourth place and then making contact with Lance Stroll as he re-joined the track, eventually finishing 13th.

Spanish sports daily Marca said: "In a stroke he has ended the bad run, has passed Vettel in the classification and has retired the German as Ferrari leader in another poor afternoon for the German with his umpteenth unforced error."

Austria's Kronen Zeitung also labelled the race a "changing o the guard", while French daily L'Equipe pondered: "In Vettel, one wonders if he is still a Formula 1 driver next year."

How Italy's media reacted to Leclerc's Monza win

Gazzetta dello Sport: "Monza in the throes of victory thanks to a phenomenal performance by Leclerc, who impresses more and more with his talent. On the podium is a 21-year-old who has conquered everything in just six months: The Scuderia, the love of the fans and probably the whole future of Ferrari. His triumph is similar to a coronation, Ferrari again creates a victory in Monza, who had failed in the past nine years."

Corriere della Sera: "A masterpiece by Leclerc. The Ferrari warrior wins against two Mercedes. The young pilot does not make a single mistake, he keeps a breath-taking pace, he masters the race perfectly with the strategy of an experienced master. Leclerc drives like a champion. Monza 2019 is the culmination of a pilot with extraordinary talent and unique qualities."

Corriere dello Sport: "Leclerc inflames Monza with a Ferrari victory! Ferrari had not won in Monza since 2010, then with Fernando Alonso, no more. For Sebastian Vettel it was a race to forget."

La Repubblica: "Nine years later Ferrari wins again in Monza. At the age of 21, Leclerc is the youngest Maranello winner to repeat his success from the previous week, in his first season at the wheel of Cavallino."

La Stampa: "Leclerc withstands the pressure of Hamilton's stand and gives Ferrari an unforgettable victory. Thanks to his triumph, the devastating performance of Vettel plays a secondary role for Ferrari. With Leclerc Ferrari can finally dream again."

Tuttosport: "Ferrarissimo! Fans crazy about Leclerc, red triumph in Monza at the end of a crazy race and a stunning duel with Hamilton. Vettel crashes in the crisis."


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