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Horner expects penalties after Monza clusterf***

Horner expects penalties after Monza clusterf***



Horner expects penalties after Monza clusterf***

Horner expects penalties after Monza clusterf***

Christian Horner reckons that the grid which was confirmed after the final qualifying session for the Italian Grand Prix will likely change due to penalties, describing Q3 at Monza as a “clusterf***”

The final session started off routinely enough with Charles Leclerc posting the fastest time, only for a red flag to stop it due to a crash from Kimi Raikkonen. As it recommenced, there was no movement in the garages as each driver was hoping to get out behind another car in order to take advantage of a slipstream.

Everyone thought Nico Hulkenberg had had enough as he sped out from the pit, only for him to go left through the Chicane, subsequently meaning the other cars had to pass.

Horner is of no doubt that the Renault of Hulkenberg started the fiasco which left everyone apart from Carlos Sainz unable to post a second lap time due to traffic, and even just stopped himself from swearing at the last moment when asked about it, such was his annoyance.

“The Renault that went straight on caused all the issues. Nobody wants to be at the front of the queue. It's obviously went straight on, on purpose,” he said after qualifying.

“And then, it ends up a cluster...scenario.

“So, I'm sure the clerk of the court - he's going to have an issue with that.

“It's driving out of the pits that's caused the problem. Of course, you're not allowed to overtake.

“It all got a bit silly.”

Horner remains content that Alexander Albon could have made it up to P4 had he had the opportunity to post another time, but thinks that certain penalties might be handed out tomorrow, meaning his driver might get bumped up a few positions.

I think the encouraging thing, on the day. If you put together the theoretical lap of Alex on the grid he would have been P5, maybe even P4,” he added.

“Engine-wise, we're going in the right direction.

“I'm not quite sure the grid you saw will be the final one.”


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