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McLaren operation is insane - Norris

McLaren operation is insane - Norris



McLaren operation is insane - Norris

McLaren operation is insane - Norris

Lando Norris claims he was a bit daunted when he saw the huge scale of the operation at McLaren, and although he felt a large amount of initial pressure, he is now beginning to handle it.

The 19-year-old is a former Formula 3 champion and also competed in Formula 2 before being given a Formula 1 seat with McLaren for the 2019 campaign. Alongside new team-mate Carlos Sainz, he has been impressive in his maiden season as the team establish themselves as the best of the midfield constructors.

At such a young age, Norris was initially in awe when he visited the McLaren Technology Centre, and felt the need to perform for all the people ensuring he has the best car available.

"It's pretty insane," Norris told Autosport magazine.

"It's at the higher end compared to the majority of the teams!

"Every day I walk in it's always awesome. It does add a bit of pressure at the same time, knowing all of these people there are relying on Carlos and myself to do a good job.

"It puts more pressure on you, but it's a pressure that's gone away more and more, in a good way. I did the first race, and I was like: 'I've got a lot of people expecting things!'

"It's the same now, but I'm more relaxed on that side. And, more confident in my own driving, that I can do a better job and I won't disappoint them.”

Norris speaks of the importance of providing the correct feedback to his engineers, who will attempt to ensure any car issues are sorted as quickly as possible.

"Together with Carlos, everything I say now and complain about is stuff they might have an upgrade for in three, four or five races time,” the Brit continued.

"If I don't think of it in the right way, or describe it in the right way, it's only going to have a negative effect when we have that upgrade coming.

"A lot of the stuff I say this year, next year will have a big effect as well [so] you just need to think a bit more about longer-term effects."


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