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Verstappen - Le Mans tilt talked up by Aston Martin

Verstappen - Le Mans tilt talked up by Aston Martin



Verstappen - Le Mans tilt talked up by Aston Martin

Verstappen - Le Mans tilt talked up by Aston Martin

Max Verstappen could be offered a chance to fulfil one of his career goals, as Aston Martin boss Andy Palmer has talked up his hope of putting the Red Bull star in the supercar manufacturer's future Le Mans 24 Hours efforts.

Verstappen has previously confirmed his interest in taking on the flagship endurance race, especially if he can do so with his father, Jos.

Aston Martin could offer him that chance, with its new Valkyrie hypercar – developed with Red Bull – set to debut in WRC when a regulation change comes into effect in 2020.

"Philosophically or theoretically I'd love to have him involved [at Le Mans]," Palmer told Motorsport.com, adding he is "privileged to have a reasonably good relationship with Max".

"He's not formally involved but it's not ruled out either.

"That's a conversation to be had in the future. But wouldn't it be great?"

The Valkyrie was given its first public outing at the British Grand Prix in a livery reminiscent of the design that Red Bull launched this year's F1 car sporting.

"We've got momentum now, we know where we're heading. And if you get little successes they turn into big successes and into huge successes, Palmer added.

"Then somehow things just start to happen. Think about the weekend – you've got Red Bull, Max Verstappen, we shouldn't ignore Pierre [Gasly] as he did a great job, you've got Daniel Craig and 007, Aston Martin, all in one space.

"Imagine trying to orchestrate all that a few years ago. That would have been something impossible. And the cherry on the cake is running the Valkyrie. These are things you look back on in your career and think 'that was a day, wasn't it!'."

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