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Improve F1 by bringing back refuelling - FIA

Improve F1 by bringing back refuelling - FIA



Improve F1 by bringing back refuelling - FIA

Improve F1 by bringing back refuelling - FIA

FIA president Jean Todt says bringing refuelling back to Formula 1 will make races more exciting, offering a possible glimpse into the shape of F1 in 2021 and beyond.

Refuelling was outlawed in F1 in 2010, but recent regulation changes have compounded the impacts of forcing heavier fuel tanks on teams.

Multiple world champions Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel have both recently lamented the weight of modern F1 cars, which has been listed as a key factor in the modern era's tendency for processional races, where one-stop strategies rule as teams focus on managing tyres and engine loads.

And the former Ferrari team principal believes that allowing teams to mix up their strategies by bringing in an extra factor could be a solution.

Todt said: "Cars are probably becoming a bit too heavy. That is something we discussed.

"I am pushing for analysing what it would mean if we reintroduced refuelling.

"Because if you reintroduce refuelling then you will have lighter cars at the start of the race and you can have smaller cars."

Refuelling requires expensive rigging and extra pit crew members and the cost is regularly brought up as a reason to avoid its return in an era where a budget cap is on the way.

"Sometimes I hear that it will be more expensive and honestly it makes me smile," said Todt.

"When I see the size of the motorhomes, I don't think that it's really the price which will be a killer."


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