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McLaren: F1 has far bigger problems than tyres

McLaren: F1 has far bigger problems than tyres



McLaren: F1 has far bigger problems than tyres

McLaren: F1 has far bigger problems than tyres

McLaren boss Andreas Seidl believes that Formula 1 should be focusing more on levelling the playing field between the teams rather than the “short-term” fix of tyre selections.

The FIA, in cooperation with Formula 1, is set to introduce new regulations in 2020 which will see a more even distribution of finances as well as standardised engine parts and a budget cap in order to close the gap in competition among the teams.

Until then, the focus has been put on tyre management, but Seidl is longing for the more extensive changes.

“I think in general we have a far bigger issues which is this big gap we have between the top teams and the midfield. That is also where our focus is on,” the McLaren team principal said with regards to the recent vote about changing tyres back to the 2018 version.

“This is something that cannot be solved in the short term, so we have big hopes for all the changes that are on the table on the financial side, technical side, sporting side, regarding the regulations in ’21.

“Hopefully F1 and the FIA with all the experts which they now have onboard, which is a unique situation, they pull through. We fully support the changes that have been sent out some weeks ago and that is our focus to be honest.”

Seidl insists that Pirelli’s 2019 tyres are fully in line with what the teams requested, but admitted that any future regulation changes will have to be in line with the wishes of the top three teams - Mercedes, Ferrari, and Red Bull.

“I think it’s important, in all fairness to Pirelli, to mention that we don’t have a tyre issue in general here,” he explained.

“I think Pirelli, the product we have this year is matching all the requirements we set out last year, as Formula 1, for what we want to have.

“I think in the end the reason why we have this discussion at the moment is that we have three top teams with the same resources and one team is doing a significantly better job than the other two. So that’s that situation we are facing.

“There is nothing we can really influence as McLaren. I think it’s down to the three top teams, with the FIA and Formula 1 to see if there is anything that can be done short-term to fix that issue.”


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