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Gasly on Red Bull exit reports: No one is happy

Gasly on Red Bull exit reports: No one is happy



Gasly on Red Bull exit reports: No one is happy

Gasly on Red Bull exit reports: No one is happy

Pierre Gasly accepts that Red Bull are dissatisfied with his performance so far in 2019, saying he is well aware that he has underperformed since promotion from Toro Rosso. Gasly's best finish so far in 2019 is the fifth place he secured in Monaco.

Red Bull boss Christian Horner has admitted that Daniel Ricciardo's shock departure to Renault led to Gasly being promoted earlier than planned, while the team principal admitting his disappointment at Gasly's performance last time in France set tongues wagging regarding a potential exit.

Daniil Kvyat, formerly dropped by Red Bull to make way for Max Verstappen, has been linked with stepping up from Toro Rosso, but Gasly says his sole focus is on improving his form.

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"I think at the moment clearly no one is happy and I'm the first one not happy with the performances," he said. "I'm a racing driver, I feel we are far from showing the potential we have.

"That's not pleasant and no one is happy about it. So, at the moment I'm just trying to focus on putting everything together.

"It is the same on my side. There are things that I can do better as well, we can all do better. But we're clearly not showing the potential, so I think that's the main thing we need to focus on at the moment."

Gasly has been almost totally outperformed by Verstappen so far this season, something the Frenchman says may be redressed once he gains greater comfort in the RB15.

"I think at the moment it's a bit inconsistent," he said. "Some sessions we are fast, some others we are not. So it's just a matter of finding that consistent base, that's the main thing.

"I think with the car, sometimes we are fast, just not as consistent as the other car, for different reasons. I think it's really important for us to find what works and go like that every weekend, building from that base.

"It's that at the moment we're struggling to find."

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