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Self-interested F1 teams are 'killing the sport'

Self-interested F1 teams are 'killing the sport'



Self-interested F1 teams are 'killing the sport'

Self-interested F1 teams are 'killing the sport'

Sergio Perez believes that teams who are wholly preoccupied with their own success are ultimately “killing” Formula 1, as he slams the financial disparity between the midfield outfits and the elite teams, whom he thinks are spending “scary” money to stay on top.

In two years, F1 are set to introduce new regulations in order to level the playing field within the sport, including, reportedly, a budget cap for the season.

Perez thinks the changes can’t come soon enough, and has slammed the teams out in front for being too involved with their self-interests, instead of the interests of the sport as a whole.

"It's what the sport is desperate to have, and something it needs," Perez said of the proposed regulation changes.

"Look at the midfield, it's a great battle. But it's the middle of the grid and at the top of the grid, the margins are too big.

"In Formula 1, everyone has their own interests. The top teams want to be as far away as possible, the midfield teams want to be as close as possible.

"Everyone has their own interests and I think that's what is killing the sport. I'm not going to be here for all my life. I'm just a driver for the next five or so years, and then I won't be competing here."

The likes of Mercedes, Ferrari, and Red Bull dwarf the other teams in terms of spending, and Perez insists it is important things changes so that future generations aren’t put off in their fandom.

"It's for the coming generations that we need a healthier sport," the Racing Point driver suggested.

"At the moment, it's not sustainable. When you hear the numbers the top teams are spending, it's quite scary.

"So it's important for the sport to dramatically change, attract new sponsors, and new people.

"I'm not an expert on running a series, but if we all want that, and if we are all aware that F1 is dropping its audience a bit, there are a lot of things that can be done."


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