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Vettel warns Zandvoort worse for overtaking than Barcelona

Vettel warns Zandvoort worse for overtaking than Barcelona



Vettel warns Zandvoort worse for overtaking than Barcelona

Vettel warns Zandvoort worse for overtaking than Barcelona

Sebastian Vettel scoffed at reports suggesting that the Circuit de Catalunya could lose its spot on the Formula 1 calendar next year to be replaced by Zandvoort, saying the Dutch circuit would be even worse for overtaking than Montmelo, typically the scene of few passing opportunities.

It appears highly likely that the Dutch Grand Prix will return to the calendar next year as Liberty media look to jump on the soaring popularity of Max Verstappen in his homeland, with Zandvoort in advanced talks to stage a race.

Much talk around the Spanish Grand Prix this week has centred on it potentially being the last in F1 for a while at least, with Barcelona the latest venue to suffer from the spiralling costs of hosting F1 written into many contracts by former chief Bernie Ecclestone.

Asked about the chances of seeing overtaking in this weekend's race, Vettel replied with a smile: "We'd definitely see more here than if we go to Zandvoort!

"It's just true, no? It's like Monaco isn't it."

In an earlier question regarding the potential swap, Vettel said: "It would be a shame for Carlos [Sainz]. For the rest of us, we've been here many times and I think we'd still do the testing.

"But it's a nice venue. It's a nice time of year to come here, so it would be a shame.

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"Maybe we could go somewhere else in Spain, maybe they could build him [Sainz] a race track close to Madrid." [Sainz replied: "Maybe in the future I can build one myself."]

George Russell spoke at the same press conference as Vettel and championed the Dutch track, which has remained a staple in lower formulae since dropping off the F1 calendar in 1985.

He said: "It'd be a real shame to lose this circuit [Montmelo] as it's really a great one, but on the other hand Zandvoort's probably in my top five favourite circuits.

I think it's a really incredible circuit, it's got so much character. Obviously safety is extremely important these days in Formula 1, but I just truly hope that we don't get rid of the gravel run-offs in Zandvoort in the two high-speed corners, because that's what makes that circuit so daunting and what makes it so incredible to drive."

Vettel had a counter for that point also, murmuring to Russell: "About the gravel, it won't be there if we go there." The Williams man replied: "Tell me about it."


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