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Leclerc: I'm no superstar

Leclerc: I'm no superstar



Leclerc: I'm no superstar

Leclerc: I'm no superstar

Charles Leclerc admits that he doesn’t see himself as a “superstar” of Formula 1 yet, but hopes to reach that level sooner rather than later. The Monegasque driver is currently in his first season with Ferrari after making his F1 debut last year with Sauber.

While Ferrari have a tradition of selecting more experienced drivers, the trend changed when they chose 21-year-old Leclerc to partner Sebastian Vettel this season.

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At such an early stage of his career, he doesn’t consider himself one of the stars of the sport yet.

“I do not consider myself a superstar. And when it does, you can not be prepared for it.” he told Auto Motor und Sport.

“I do not know what to expect. It's nice if people already see me like that. If not, I'll give everything on the track to be one.”

Leclerc believes F1 is a “weird sport” as you only truly become known to the general public after getting on a podium - as the rest of the time the drivers are wearing helmets!

“Especially after the first podium,” he responded when asked if the Ferrari move had changed his life.

“Formula 1 is a weird sport. Unless you climb a podium, people do not know your face. You usually only see us with a helmet. Since Bahrain they can connect my face with my name.

“Still, I'm not besieged yet. When I'm in Monaco, I stay home in my simulator most of the time.”

The former Sauber man also reckons that it is important not to risk missing out on more points to go all-out for race victories.

“If I see the chance to win then I will try to use it,” he continued.

“Victory is what it's all about. But you have to be smart enough to get the maximum points if you can not win. It is a great art to get the most out of the hardest moments.”


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