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Hamilton admits to 'days of failure' in F1 diversity battle

Hamilton admits to 'days of failure' in F1 diversity battle

Hamilton admits to 'days of failure' in F1 diversity battle

Hamilton admits to 'days of failure' in F1 diversity battle

Lewis Hamilton has conceded to occasionally feeling like a failure in his efforts to combat inequality and improve diversity in F1.

Mercedes driver Hamilton has been an inspiration in recent years in placing a spotlight on such problems, notably setting up such projects as the Hamilton Commission and Mission 44, as well as playing an integral role in his team's Accelerate 25 programme.

The seven-time F1 champion, however, recognises he can only give so much of himself, and that he often feels he is facing an uphill battle.

“I would say that over these last few years I’ve been slowly peeling back the layers, but it’s not easy to do that when you’re in the limelight,” said Hamilton, in a recent interview with this writer for The New York Times.

“It’s really, really not easy to have so much growth in the spotlight. You make so many mistakes. Nothing prepares you for this journey.

“There are days where I don’t feel like I’m doing enough, days where I don’t feel like I’ve got to do more, and then there are days where I feel like I’m failing people because the problem is everywhere. It’s far bigger than me.

"I just have to keep reminding myself to stay on course, to keep doing what I’m doing.”

Hamilton facing "constant job" with "difficult conversations"

Hamilton began his campaign in earnest in 2020 following the death of George Floyd in May that year. Floyd, who was Black, died at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer.

That led Hamilton into taking the knee ahead of grands prix and F1 into launching its #WeRaceAsOne initiative.

Whilst changes have since been made, Hamilton knows more work is required but it remains a struggle.

“If I don’t bring up these difficult conversations with people, they won’t get discussed or tackled, or energy from organisations won’t be put into creating more inclusivity,” added Hamilton.

“Spending the time having those conversations and what it means and how positive it could be for everybody, it takes time. It’s a constant job to have them.”

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