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Williams reveal double budget cap handicap

Williams reveal double budget cap handicap

Williams reveal double budget cap handicap

Williams reveal double budget cap handicap
Ian Parkes

Additional reporting by Sam Hall

Jost Capito has revealed the factors that handicapped Williams the most during his tenure as team principal.

Williams has propped up the F1 constructors' standings in four of the past five years, with the team a shadow of its former glorious self.

The introduction in 2021 of the budget cap, combined with an all-new set of technical regulations from this season, provided hope Williams could again climb the order.

But after this failed to transpire, Capito and technical director FX Demaison recently left the team.

Speaking to GPFans in an end-of-season interview prior to his departure, Capito explained the difficulties he encountered.

“There are two budget caps," said Capito. "One is the operational budget cap, on the racing side, and one is the investment budget cap.

“This is where we are hit the most because we have to do these kinds of investments.

“On the operational side, that's where we have to be much more efficient in the factory. Where, if we don't have these tools, we are less efficient in the factory.

“Upgrades for us are quite expensive so they take quite a lot of time because we don't have these tools. We are, by far, not efficient enough and that's what we are working on.”

Capito confirmed that despite the support of owners Dorilton Capital, the team still falls short of the cap limit, which this past year was $140million.

“We're working towards the budget cap," said Capito.

"Dorilton allows us to do that and they give the funding that we can work according to the budget cap.

"As I said before, we have to invest quite a lot and do a lot within the budget cap that others already have.”

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