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F1 faces next big fix with "silly" issue

F1 faces next big fix with "silly" issue

F1 News

F1 faces next big fix with "silly" issue

F1 faces next big fix with "silly" issue
GPFans Staff

F1's new regulations were a hit this season with overtaking increased as cars were able to race closer together.

At the front, battles were less frequent as Red Bull stormed to both world championships, but in the midfield, we were often treated to scintillating tussles.

But an area for improvement is wet weather racing, with F1 and the FIA already investigating ways to improve the raceability of cars in rain after large delays at numerous events this season.

The GPFans team cast their verdicts during the latest episode of the Stewards' Room podcast!

Sam Hall - Deputy Editor

"The aim of these cars was to throw the dirty air higher to enable the cars to follow closer.

"That naturally means that when it is wet, it is going to throw the water higher and make visibility even worse.

"That was an area they should have anticipated being such a big problem."

Ian Parkes - Editor-in-Chief

"That is the next big fix.

"We have seen the new floor coming in for next year so the cars are going to be slightly raised with regard to wet weather.

"[But it is] not only with the aerodynamics of the car in wet weather [that is being reviewed] but the tyres as well."

Ewan Gale - F1 Writer

"I am not sure how much of [the wet weather issues] is down to the new regulations.

"The tyres get rid of so much more water than they used to which adds to all the spray. Tyres have to be sorted for wet weather.

"In Japan, [Nicholas] Latifi and [Sebastian] Vettel came in at the same time as the safety car and put intermediates on having spent however many hours in the pits not going anywhere.

"It is a bit silly."

More on this on the Stewards' Room Podcast. Listen to the GPFans Global team as they digest all the action from the past season.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below, and don't forget to subscribe for more regular podcasts.

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