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F1 edging towards "future perfect calendar"
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F1 edging towards "future perfect calendar"

F1 edging towards "future perfect calendar"

F1 News

F1 edging towards "future perfect calendar"

F1 edging towards "future perfect calendar"

F1 has confirmed it is working towards unveiling "a future perfect calendar" in the next few years.

The target is part of F1's sustainability strategy as it pushes to be net-zero carbon by 2030.

CEO Stefano Domenicali has previously mentioned regionalising the calendar, with steps being taken towards this aim, such as the races in the United States, Mexico and Brazil comprising a triple-header next year.

But there remain issues, such as Azerbaijan back to back with Miami, and the new race in Las Vegas twinned with the season-ending event in Abu Dhabi.

"Logistics is a big part of our carbon footprint, and it's not easy to fix those problems overnight," said F1 sporting director Steve Nielsen.

"But we're working on regionalising the calendar, and - I'm not telling you which year - we have a future perfect calendar which is some years down the line.

"We are gradually iterating towards that each year, so moving an event here or there by a week.

"So there's a strategy to get from where we are now, which we are not happy with, to a much happier place in a few years' time but it's a gradual process."

It is not just the calendar where F1 is focusing with regard to its sustainable push and net-zero bid in eight years' time

Nielsen added: "We've got some challenges, like a lot of industries, but the key pillars of that [being net-zero] start with the on-track activity.

"By 2026, we will have 100 percent sustainable fuel in the cars, which is not the work of a moment to achieve but we are very proud of that.

"And the next thing is, of course, our bases, where we work, how we operate our buildings, our factories, together with the teams, DHL [logistics partners], the promoters.

"We're all looking at it, all on a journey."

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