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F1's latest safety issue dismissed

F1's latest safety issue dismissed

F1's latest safety issue dismissed

F1's latest safety issue dismissed

Max Verstappen and George Russell have denied any issues with drivers ingesting brake dust after concerns were raised earlier in the season.

Aston Martin driver Sebastian Vettel was covered in the black dust after the Austrian Grand Prix and suggested F1 should tackle the issue of front axles blowing the dust towards the driver in the cockpit.

F1's new regulations for this season, whilst achieving the objective of creating more exciting racing, have added safety complications, with porpoising found to have a lasting effect on the spines of drivers and, potentially, raising the chance of brain damage, such is the ferocity of the vertical oscillations experienced.

But asked if the brake dust issue was hampering him, reigning champion Max Verstappen replied: "No. Just depends how you design your drums, basically.

"Some have it designed in a way where it comes up more into your face, which I have not experienced.

"So again, I think you can just limit the design options, you know, it has to go more outward or whatever, which I think we have anyway.

"If I see brake dust, it always goes out left or right, so it's ok."

Russell - "Down to FIA" to ensure teams create driver safety

The new regulations have seen wide-ranging views on how to create the quickest car with differing philosophies up and down the grid - creating the variance in issues experienced.

Aligning with Verstappen, Mercedes driver Russell added: "I’ve had no issue.

"I know a lot of people have, but again, like Max said, we’ve got different design philosophies, so I think it’s down to the FIA not to give teams a possibility to do something that has an effect on drivers' health and safety."

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