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Alonso calls out Leclerc over weaving escape

Alonso calls out Leclerc over weaving escape

Alonso calls out Leclerc over weaving escape

Alonso calls out Leclerc over weaving escape

Fernando Alonso believes Charles Leclerc should have been penalised for weaving whilst defending against Lewis Hamillton during the closing stages of the British Grand Prix.

Alonso, who was punished for the same action in Canada, was racing just behind the lead pack when the late race safety car released the field for a final 10-lap frenzy.

Speaking immediately after finishing a season-best fifth, the Alpine driver said: “It was really fun at the end. Obviously we weren’t in the fight but we were just behind, so we saw all the action in front.

“We were P5 so I was hoping that maybe two cars would touch each other and the podium was there for us but in the end they raced very hard but with respect. So it was fun to watch from behind.

“P5 is mega and I have to say, I guess it is going to be P4 because I saw Charles moving three changes of direction on the back straight defending from Lewis.

"I did it once in Canada and I had five seconds on the last lap so I guess three movements are not allowed.

“After the race there is always action, so I guess I am not in the stewards so I will have fun from the outside I hope.”

Alonso confident of future success

Alonso’s hopes were not fulfilled, as Ferrari driver Leclerc escaped punishment and retained his fourth place, but the 40-year-old took confidence from the pace of his car at Silverstone and that it could lead to better results in the coming races.

The Austrian, French and Hungarian Grands Prix now follow in quick succession and Alonso added: “The car was very good. Let’s say, compared to any other race I felt more competitive than ever.

“We were on the pace of Lando [Norris]. Maybe Red Bull, Ferrari and Mercedes, we know they are untouchable at the moment but we were quite ahead of some of the midfield cars.

“So definitely a step forward and Silverstone I know, maybe for McLaren, was one of the best circuits.

"Even though we were much on their pace, I expect the next couple of weekends to be quite strong for us.”

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