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Red Bull announce incredible £5M RB17 hypercar

Red Bull announce incredible £5M RB17 hypercar

Red Bull announce incredible £5M RB17 hypercar

Red Bull announce incredible £5M RB17 hypercar

Red Bull has announced its first production car with the Adrian Newey-designed RB17 hypercar.

The RB17 is the first hypercar to be designed, developed and manufactured entirely in-house by Red Bull Advanced Technologies. Only 50 will be made, with production scheduled to begin in 2025.

But this exclusivity comes with a hefty £5 million [£6m after tax!] price tag, with buyers promised the "ultimate on-track driving experience".

“The RB17 distills everything we know about creating championship-winning Formula One cars into a package that delivers extreme levels of performance in a two-seat track car," explained Red Bull chief technical officer, Newey.

"Driven by our passion for performance at every level, the RB17 pushes design and technical boundaries far beyond what has been previously available to enthusiasts and collectors."

The name RB17 is available after F1 teams used largely unchanged 2020 machinery in 2021. In acknowledgement of this, Red Bull named last year's car the RB16B, with its 2022 model the RB18.

The hypercar will be powered by a V8 engine that develops over 1,100bhp - 100 more than the Bugatti Veyron - with the chassis designed around a carbon-composite tub.

Like current F1 cars, the RB17 makes use of ground effect technology and this is said to be the "most advanced ground effect package available in a series production car".

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RB17 an "important milestone"

“The RB17 marks an important milestone in the evolution of Red Bull Advanced Technologies, now fully capable of creating and manufacturing a series production car at our Red Bull Technology Campus," added team principal Christian Horner.

"Further, the RB17 marks the first time that a car wearing the Red Bull brand has been available to collectors.”

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