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FIA warned against questioning F1 driver skill

FIA warned against questioning F1 driver skill

F1 News

FIA warned against questioning F1 driver skill

FIA warned against questioning F1 driver skill

AlphaTauri driver Pierre Gasly has warned the FIA not to question the skills of the drivers after delaying the Monaco Grand Prix for safety reasons.

F1's jewel in the crown was delayed for 16 minutes after rain fell shortly before the scheduled start.

A heavy downpour during initial laps behind the safety car forced a red-flag stoppage for a further 45 minutes, eventually contributing to a switch to a time-limited race rather than the traditional 78 laps.

F1's governing body, however, has come under scrutiny for delaying the initial start given the lack of intensity in the rain that had fallen, with former driver Martin Brundle suggesting "heated arguments" took place in the race control room.

"I didn't understand why we didn't go straight away," said Gasly. "I was ready, it was wet and it was like 'Let's go'.

"That is part of the race. If we need to go at two, we go at two or three or whatever, we just need to go.

"I just didn't understand why we delayed. The red flag, the first one was I think legit because from P17 I was literally driving blind, couldn't see a thing, so I think this was right but we could have started earlier."

The FIA later released a statement explaining the thought process behind delaying the start, stating the decision had been made in the interest of safety given no wet-weather running had been completed across the weekend.

Responding to the statement, Gasly commented: "I don't think they should question our skills. I think this is part of our job and our challenge.

"Our skills are challenged and that is what excites me personally. I think in the end the safety, the vision was really poor so it was the right thing to do."

Additional reporting by Ian Parkes

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