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Hamilton vows to be "more aggressive" in 2022

Hamilton vows to be "more aggressive" in 2022

F1 News

Hamilton vows to be "more aggressive" in 2022

Hamilton vows to be "more aggressive" in 2022
Ian Parkes & Topher Smith

Lewis Hamilton has vowed to be "more aggressive" in the new F1 campaign in response to missing out on his eighth world championship last year.

Hamilton was denied the record-breaking title in controversial fashion on the last lap in Abu Dhabi to Red Bull's Max Verstappen.

The Mercedes driver caused a stir by remaining silent on social media for a number of weeks following the 2021 season finale but insists he is not out for revenge this season, instead promising to be a more aggressive driver.

"That’s not my psyche, not how I'm approaching this season," said Hamilton on the prospect of gaining revenge.

"I’m just approaching this season trying to be the best I can be.

"I want to see if there's a way I can somehow raise my game and drive at least how I was at the end of last season.

"Just that collaboration with the team, there’s going to be lots of hurdles on the way but I love that and I don’t have that viewpoint.

"Just trying to be the best driver I can be this year, I think there's still more I can do both in and out of the car. There is still a lot of work to do on the diversity front here as a sport so I'll continue to fight for that too.

"I will be a more aggressive driver this year, you’ll see."

No grudges held after Abu Dhabi controversy

Despite the circumstances which marred the 2021 season finale, Hamilton insists it is not on his mind as he looks ahead to the dawn of a new season.

The Briton is hopeful the FIA will apply rules as they are written in the future.

"I’m not sitting here with any grudge, I don’t have any baggage coming into this season," he explained.

"I think it is important to let go, all I do is try to shape what is ahead of me. I know I can’t change the past.

"I'll work as hard as I can with the FIA, with the teams in the sport to make sure that things are done better moving forward.

"We welcome the changes they have proposed, we hope it works better for everyone and I think what's important is clarity and the rules are applied fairly and consistently. That’s all we ask for as drivers."

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