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Aston Martin venture "overwhelming" for new boss Krack

Aston Martin venture "overwhelming" for new boss Krack

Aston Martin venture "overwhelming" for new boss Krack

Aston Martin venture "overwhelming" for new boss Krack
Ian Parkes & Topher Smith

New Aston Martin team principal Mike Krack has conceded to feeling 'overwhelmed' ahead of his first season in charge but hopes to take the right approach with his latest endeavour.

After working for BMW since 2014 in Formula E and GT racing, Krack faces a new challenge as he returns to F1 with Aston Martin, acknowledging his need for a "humble" approach.

"It is overwhelming," assessed Krack "I’ve been here a couple of times [to Aston's Silverstone base] before my official start and as I said before, just when you see this huge new building being built it is overwhelming, it has to be.

"You have to approach this in a humble way - you have to first come here and understand how this team is working.

"We must not forget 'Team Silverstone' is a great team. For all these years it overperformed its possibilities.

"It is important to find out where are the strengths of the team and where can we make it stronger, where we can improve on some of the weaknesses it has."

Aston Martin does not need turning upside own

Looking to integrate himself into Aston Martin effectively, Krack spoke of the efforts he has made to identify the team's way of working.

"At the moment I have had a lot of discussions with individuals, with team leaders and department leaders to understand how the team is run and how the system is operating," added Krack.

"It would be foolish to come here on the first day and try to turn upside down every stone and rearrange it.

"The team has a good record, it needs a couple of things to make the next steps but it is not by turning everything upside down that we will manage that.

"So I think [I need] a conservative approach, try to learn as much as possible, try to bring my philosophy into it, try to bring my thinking into it which is always positive teamwork.

"Motivation comes by itself, although the people here are extremely motivated. It’s a matter of channelling this properly."

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