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Mercedes "eyes wide open" to aero testing drawback - Wolff

Mercedes "eyes wide open" to aero testing drawback - Wolff

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Mercedes "eyes wide open" to aero testing drawback - Wolff

Mercedes "eyes wide open" to aero testing drawback - Wolff
Ian Parkes & Topher Smith

Toto Wolff is confident Mercedes has not been blindsided by the regulations on aero testing which he claims is an opportunity for F1 to become "more competitive".

The rules were designed with the intention of closing up the field, with a sliding scale of time allowed in the wind tunnel, meaning eight-time reigning constructors' champions Mercedes enjoying considerably less compared to backmarkers Haas.

While the top teams will naturally have a minor disadvantage, Wolff is at least confident the racing will improve.

“The regulations were designed for the specific purpose of making the field more competitive and not having these huge gaps," said Wolff.

"It is a fine adjustment. I think between P1, P2 and P3 it is not a big disadvantage.

“Obviously, if one of the top teams is a real outlier, like Ferrari in the first half of 2021, it can be [worth] up to a couple of tenths [of a second] if you extrapolate from your own development curve.

“But this is what was meant with the whole thing. The teams further back - P7, P8, P9 and P10 - will have, I think it is up to 20 per cent more, development time and this is how it should be.

“It is more competitive, it will get more competitive and if you are in the lead you will be at a certain disadvantage but we went eyes wide open into this and I think it is good for the sport.”

Different F1 development routes "fascinating"

With the first round of pre-season testing complete, Wolff admitted his fascination at the variety of design routes taken by each team and believes the push for innovative concepts is a highlight of the sport.

“The development route has been chosen much earlier, beginning probably in the middle of last year," added Wolff.

"Everybody was continuing to develop their own car, that is what you need to focus on.

"But obviously from a fans' perspective, which I count myself as well, looking at the other concepts and seeing what everybody has come out with and the interpretation of the regulations is fascinating.

"This is what makes Formula 1.”

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