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McLaren 'still has time' to review Formula E entry

McLaren 'still has time' to review Formula E entry

F1 News

McLaren 'still has time' to review Formula E entry

McLaren 'still has time' to review Formula E entry
Ian Parkes & Sam Hall

Zak Brown has confirmed McLaren ' still has time' to make a decision on whether it will add to its racing portfolio with entries to Formula E and the World Endurance Championship.

McLaren will be represented in IndyCar and Extreme E this year as the manufacturer continues to expand its racing division.

The team signed an option for a future entry to join the Formula E grid for the start of the Gen3 rule cycle in 2022-23 and Brown explained McLaren still has time before a decision is taken out of its hands.

"Formula E has been something that we continue to review," said McLaren Racing CEO Brown.

"I think with all the new manufacturers and teams coming into the World Endurance Championship, that's quite exciting to see what that grid looks like.

"Those are both series that are interesting to us and our partners, but we're not yet in a position to make any decisions on them and still have some time to be able to make a decision before a decision is made for us because we're technically out of a window to be prepared if we decided we did want to go racing in a different series."

Although McLaren has increased its portfolio in recent years, Brown maintains that any additions cannot distract from the manufacturer's F1 activities.

"We make sure we keep our racing programmes separate, and in that way, there's no distraction," added Brown.

"Anytime we're going on another form of racing that needs to be additive to what we're already doing, whether that's commercially or technically.

"I think we do have a lot going on with acquiring the IndyCar team, starting an Extreme E team, so we're certainly not in any sort of rush or putting time pressure on ourselves to make decisions, hence, we haven't made any new decisions."

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