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Verstappen "always exploded" but now a calmer figure

Verstappen "always exploded" but now a calmer figure

Verstappen "always exploded" but now a calmer figure

Verstappen "always exploded" but now a calmer figure
GPFans Staff

F1 champion Max Verstappen has been praised for now being a more mature, calmer character compared to someone who "always exploded" a few years ago.

During the early stages of Verstappen's career, the Dutchman found himself in front of former FIA race director Charlie Whiting on occasion due to his driving standards that angered his on-track rivals.

Behind the scenes, Verstappen also appeared to struggle with his temperament but over the closing stages of what was an intense title fight with Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton last season, was often viewed as being remarkably laid back.

Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko, speaking to Austrian magazine Autorevue, revealed: "Don't forget, he's still only 24. Max has clearly matured.

"That also has a bit to do with the cord being cut because he was trained and shaped very well by his father [Jos]. The relationship is still very close, but Max has his own opinions today.

"This maturation process was sometimes not so visible from the outside, but it quickly reached a peak because when something didn't go right in training he always exploded.

"Today he is calm. We had technical problems a couple of times. Now he just sees the whole thing."

Verstappen loyalty to Red Bull deserves respect

Marko feels it served Verstappen well with regards to his maturity that he did not have a title-challenging car in his first few years with the team.

Conversely, Marko also feels Verstappen deserves praise for opting to remain with Red Bull through difficult times when he could have moved elsewhere.

"What's also admirable is that although we saw that we weren't going to win a world championship with the Renault engine, he stood by the team," added Marko.

"We always openly explained to him what our plans were when we started with Honda. He is also otherwise informed about the developments.

"That's why I believe his statements when he says he feels very comfortable with us."

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