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Hamilton 'dominance' at Mercedes scuppered Bottas

Hamilton 'dominance' at Mercedes scuppered Bottas

Hamilton 'dominance' at Mercedes scuppered Bottas

Hamilton 'dominance' at Mercedes scuppered Bottas
Ian Parkes & Ewan Gale

Valtteri Bottas has hinted Lewis Hamilton's status at Mercedes was a hindrance to his own F1 career at the constructors' champions.

The Finn was hailed by Mercedes for his teamwork and performance that helped the Silver Arrows claim all five constructors' titles during his tenure alongside seven-time drivers' champion Hamilton.

Bottas takes on the team leader role for the first time this season as he leads Guanyu Zhou at Alfa Romeo after making the switch over the winter.

Asked what he had learned from his time alongside Hamilton, speaking in an end-of-season interview, Bottas told GPFans: "I've been in a position that I've got to know Lewis pretty well as a human being as well, not just as a Formula 1 champion, and learned that he fully deserves everything he's achieved.

"He's got the talent, but then he puts that into good use and he works really hard.

"Obviously, his lifestyle is also different in a way that, he might be in New York just a day before the race weekend, whatever, doing other things.

"But when he is in his working mode and in this Formula 1 mode, he's never leaving any stone unturned and he's always pushing the team a lot.

"I feel like in the last few years, he's been more in a lead role, and for me, it's been quite difficult to try and take a lead role, because he's been, obviously, here before and he's pretty dominant in the way he works with a team.

"Also, setting up the car for sure, I've learned a few things, but also many [other] things."

Indicating it was not a one-way relationship, however, Bottas added: "Many times he had to copy my setup for the qualifying last minute.

"Driving style-wise, tyre management is one of his big strengths, and in any condition and circumstances, he always finds a way, how to be able to extend a stint or the best way to efficiently keep the tyres in a good condition.

"That race pace and tyre management part has probably been the biggest difference between me and Lewis and consistency is what he's had with those things."

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