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Haas open to Mazepin incentive scheme proposal

Haas open to Mazepin incentive scheme proposal

F1 News

Haas open to Mazepin incentive scheme proposal

Haas open to Mazepin incentive scheme proposal
Ian Parkes & Ewan Gale

Guenther Steiner has conceded there has been no mass exodus of staff from Haas although is open to the introduction of an incentive scheme to keep people on board in the future.

Reports of staff leaving the back-of-the-grid outfit emerged at the end of the season as Russian businessman Dmitry Mazepin, who sponsors Haas and is the father of driver Nikita, hinted at future incentives.

F1 moves into a record-breaking 23-race calendar in 2022 off the back of a 22-race campaign that encompassed the difficulties also associated with global travel within the Covid-19 pandemic, something Steiner suggested had led to some staff leaving.

"People leaving, I think that is every season, at the end of the season, some people leave," Steiner told GPFans in an interview before the end of the 2021 campaign.

"For example, on the technical side of things, we have got more people than we had before, when they are staying, there was not that many people leaving. It's more of a race thing because it's a calendar of 23 races.

"People just want to have another career. They're doing something different but it's not being outrageous.

"It's a little bit more than normal, but it's the end of every year, some people move away a little bit because otherwise, the race mechanics normally are young because they need to be young.

"It's quite physical to do this job, and if somebody sees an opportunity, when he moves on, it's okay to do something better.

"I don't stop them, but there's a mass exodus, it's not true."

Addressing the supposed bonus scheme touted by Mazepin Sr, Steiner added: "We speak with other people and they have got the same issue.

"It's nothing different. It's just a few people are leaving. Every year, they are leaving. If he [Mazepin] had to give them an incentive, if he can do it right, I'm all for it."

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