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Verstappen's "professional foul" tactic against Hamilton "saddens" Brundle

Verstappen's "professional foul" tactic against Hamilton "saddens" Brundle

Verstappen's "professional foul" tactic against Hamilton "saddens" Brundle

Verstappen's "professional foul" tactic against Hamilton "saddens" Brundle

Martin Brundle is 'saddened' by Max Verstappen's recent driving conduct after another controversial battle with Lewis Hamilton at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix

Verstappen launched into another aggressive defence of the lead against his championship rival at Jeddah in a move reminiscent of his defence in Brazil.

With the instruction to give the position back to Hamilton, Verstappen slowed on the entry to turn 27 but as confusion reigned, the pair collided with the Red Bull driver retrospectively handed a 10-second time penalty for brake-testing Hamilton.

Writing in his post-race Sky Sports F1 column, Brundle said: "F1 has a problem in that the design of the racetracks, particularly with regard to the 'safety' run-off areas, and the sporting regulations, simply can't contain the way that Verstappen is choosing and needing to go racing at the moment.

"The FIA's only way to control him is with endless reviews and occasional penalties.

"He's been playing the game given that, with his points advantage, Hamilton simply can't afford to have an accident with him and lose an opportunity to reduce the points deficit.

"Even now despite being absolutely level on points going into the final round, for the first time in F1 since 1974, that remains the case given that he has a 9-8 race victory tally should there be a count-back."

Focusing on Verstappen's talent behind the wheel, Brundle added: "Such is Max's car control and cunning he's sometimes able to pull off the audacious moves and leave a margin of doubt as to whether it's hard racing or simply a professional foul outside of the regulations and it's those moments, such as the infamous turn four in Brazil, which are generating the confusion, controversies and inconsistencies.

"I'm in awe of Verstappen's driving skills and racing nous and have championed him since the Chinese Grand Prix of 2015 when he was in the Toro Rosso.

"His touch and control behind the wheel is something to behold, but it saddens me that he's resorting to such tactics, he's better than that.

"And for all his outwardly carefree attitude it will be such a shame if his legacy is to be labelled as an unfair driver."

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