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Red Bull seek rear wing fix for F1 run-in

Red Bull seek rear wing fix for F1 run-in

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Red Bull seek rear wing fix for F1 run-in

Red Bull seek rear wing fix for F1 run-in
Ian Parkes & Ewan Gale

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner has indicated the team will have to address rear wing issues ahead of the inaugural Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

Red Bull endured the fourth race in a row where problems with the rear wing led to changes ahead of qualifying for the Qatar Grand Prix, although at Losail it was a DRS mechanism issue and not with cracks in the wing itself.

The issue came at the end of a week where rear wings were under the spotlight given Red Bull's concern over Mercedes' component, Lewis Hamilton's São Paulo disqualification from qualifying for a DRS infringement and Toto Wolff's subsequent grouch with the FIA over Red Bull's continued repairs under parc fermé conditions.

The changes in Qatar did no harm to Red Bull but Horner insisted solutions would be needed ahead of the final two races of the year.

"As it turned out it was our preferred wing, and the set-up direction we wanted to go in," he explained.

"If those other wings are required in either Jeddah or Abu Dhabi then we will need to have fixes in place to strengthen them up, the DRS mechanism."

Asked if it was the DRS actuator that was the issue and if it would be an easy fix if that was the case, Horner replied: "From a reliability point of view, it should be hopefully straightforward to sort out.

"They're actuators we've been using for many years now so it's not a new technology."

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That's something both teams do. MB questioned RB flex wings, they were legal until the technical directive. MB wanted a change for the pitstop procedure because of unsafe release and they got that too because of a new technical directive as well, RB always had the fastest stops and never there was a safety issue. Hence, the Monza accident wouldn't have happened if that new system didn't lock up They are still there fastest team during pits but MB is closer now.

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