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Wolff - Wrong to expect Hamilton and Verstappen to wear "velvet gloves"

Wolff - Wrong to expect Hamilton and Verstappen to wear "velvet gloves"

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Wolff - Wrong to expect Hamilton and Verstappen to wear "velvet gloves"

Wolff - Wrong to expect Hamilton and Verstappen to wear "velvet gloves"
Ian Parkes & Ewan Gale

Toto Wolff believes it is wrong to expect Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen to wear "velvet gloves" when fighting for the F1 drivers' title.

The two championship protagonists collided at Monza in the season's second major flashpoint, leading to both retiring and ensuring Verstappen holds a five-point lead with eight rounds remaining.

In the aftermath of the Italian Grand Prix crash, Wolff called Verstappen's manoeuvre a "tactical foul".

Pushed on whether he still believed that to be the case, he responded: "The point is these two are racing for a drivers' championship and you cannot expect them to have velvet gloves on.

"That is why we are going to see harsh moments like this I believe.

"Obviously, I am biased and looking at how the whole race panned out, sometimes you have to just bail out which Lewis did on lap one.

"Could Max have done it? He probably would have lost the position. I think it is very difficult and dangerous to comment with the bias you have and obviously cheering for your driver and your team.

"These two know what they do to have it under control and I guess we had a good chance to chase the McLarens that were there on merit and score a bit more points."

Wolff not ruling out future collisions between Hamilton and Verstappen

Hamilton and Verstappen have had multiple near-misses this year as well as the two incidents at Silverstone and Italy.

Asked why he thought the drivers had the situation under control despite the close calls, Wolff replied: "I think they pretty much know what they do.

"In my opinion, if they both wanted to avoid collisions, we would have less collisions. If they don't avoid collisions because they feel it is right to not bail out or not give room, then we will have more.

"We are not sitting in the cars."

What do you think?

Max will run Lewis off the track again. It's going to happen.

What he did in Silverstone was a repeat of what he did to Ricciardo in Azerbaijan. Seeing a fast approaching car and swerving over to the side they're about to pass on. He nearly had Lewis on top of him, if it weren't for Lewis' quick action to move to the other side.

Monza was Max with red mist seeing his rival in front and determined either he'd get room or they'd both crash. Reckless and dangerous racing by someone who has no place in F1.

Max should be getting race bans for his inability to race clean.

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