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Prost would quit F1 if reverse grids were imposed

Prost would quit F1 if reverse grids were imposed

Prost would quit F1 if reverse grids were imposed

Prost would quit F1 if reverse grids were imposed

Alpine special advisor Alain Prost says he "hates" the idea of reverse grid races in F1 and "would quit the sport" if the proposal was implemented in the future.

F1 is trialling its sprint format at three races this season, with two weekends already in the book at Silverstone and Monza.

After a processional 18-lap event in Italy, reverse grids were again touted with F1 managing director Ross Brawn and Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto both advocating talks on the matter.

Four-time world champion Alain Prost said his hatred of the idea comes as it is the opposite of what the sport stands for.

"I am very happy about testing things if it is possible, but you need to understand why you want to make these decisions, what is the reason for it?" he said on Alpine's Prost in the Paddock podcast.

"Formula 1 has to stay with tradition, that means technology and the pinnacle of the automobile sport and we need to understand that the best team has to win because it is the best and it is the spirit and DNA of F1.

"The reverse grid, I hate that, hate it. If they will introduce reverse grids in F1, I think I would quit the sport because I think it is the worst you can do for the DNA of Formula 1.

"I prefer to have a domination of a team because they have done the best job rather than having that. But I am open.

"I am very traditionalist, even if they have done a number of points, I would not be very happy because it would be very difficult to compare to what we had in the past."

F1 reliability means sport must "adjust"

Whilst vehemently opposing the implementation of reverse grids, Prost acknowledges why change is being looked at in F1.

Referring to F1 history where non-finishers due to mechanical failures were rife, he added: "I remember in 1982, we all finished about five races in the year and reliability was so poor.

"But now we have fantastic reliability so if we have only the six cars getting points, it could happen that some teams are never having points.

"You have to adjust in a way."

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