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F1 teams will "iterate the hell" out of 2022 changes

F1 teams will "iterate the hell" out of 2022 changes

F1 News

F1 teams will "iterate the hell" out of 2022 changes

F1 teams will "iterate the hell" out of 2022 changes

McLaren technical director James Key has explained teams will "iterate the hell" out of the 2022 aerodynamics demonstrated by F1's scale model.

F1 revealed a full-scale model showcasing the aerodynamics of the sport's new era ahead of the British Grand Prix.

Although referring to the model as a 'quite basic but accurate' representation, Key explained the teams will all have found ways to differentiate their entires from one another.

"I think what it's lacking is the approach an F1 team would take with those regs, which is to iterate the hell out of it basically and come up with a very refined solution based on a lot of time of development," said Key.

"We'll see visual differences. We'll see refinements, we'll see detail as perhaps, on this particular show car, if you call it that.

"It's an accurate reflection of nominally what a '22 car looks like."

Asked how the new wheel rims will affect pit stops, the wheels set to be heavier than in previous years, Key explained: "I think there's an element of adaption, to be honest on the pitstop side.

"It will have an implication obviously, the wheel assemblies are different shapes and are heavier, so that's going to be a human-to-human thing to get used to really. We've also got different services in that area as well.

" You see on the demonstrator car, you've got these what are termed as mudguards. They're not mudguards, obviously, they're aerodynamic devices, but they look like mudguards over the front wheels.

"They won't get in the way unless you're slightly misplaced. They certainly put an obstacle in the way of one of the guy's arms, who's replacing the front wheel or removing it.

"The drum surfaces are also different as well. They're all prescribed geometries. They're geometries that everyone will have but they represent different challenges."

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