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Domenicali warns of fewer European races in F1 future

Domenicali warns of fewer European races in F1 future

Domenicali warns of fewer European races in F1 future

Domenicali warns of fewer European races in F1 future

F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali has warned there could be fewer European races in future as the sport cannot continue "if you live by tradition".

Europe still remains F1's stronghold, with just over half of the 23 races on this year's calendar staged on the continent.

Domenicali has made clear, however, it is certain flyaway races will be added, which could lend itself to a number of F1's more traditional races making way.

"I think 23 races is a stable amount, although there’s a provision in the Concorde agreement for more," said Domenicali, in an interview with GQ magazine.

"So how many do we want in Europe, in America, in the Middle East, in Asia and the Far East?

"I can see fewer GPs in Europe, more in the US and more in the Middle East and Asia."

Asked if such a move would risk angering the "core fanbase", Domenicali added: "I don’t think so.

"It’s something that’s part of the evolution of a business, and this is an entertainment [business].

"Of course, we’re aware of the importance of tradition and it gives you the ingredients for the future. But if you live by tradition you don’t live long. We need to build foundations for the future."

The rise of the flyaway

When Michael Schumacher won his first world title with Ferrari in 2000 the calendar featured six flyaway events in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Japan, Malaysia and the US for a 35.3 per cent total of the 17-race calendar.

This year it is now almost a 50-50 split, with 12 of the 23 grands prix in Europe.

With Miami being added next year, it is likely the scales will tip towards the flyaway events for the first time.

"The magic of having places that want to be part of our business in the future is part of our agenda," added Domenicali.

"We’re not just looking at the beauty of the future. These places understand that the world is changing.

"Monza, to give you one example, is unique, but Monza also needs to invest in the future. The people who go there deserve that.

"You need to grow, you need to react. The positive pressure the newcomers are putting into the system is great."

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