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F1 2022 demo car close to reality due to lack of "freedom" - Alonso

F1 2022 demo car close to reality due to lack of "freedom" - Alonso

F1 2022 demo car close to reality due to lack of "freedom" - Alonso

F1 2022 demo car close to reality due to lack of "freedom" - Alonso

Fernando Alonso believes the mock-up of a 2022 F1 car revealed at Silverstone is a “good representation” of the designs that will hit the grid next season.

The demo car was created by F1 itself to showcase the visual changes to the cars in 2022, but each team is currently designing its own interpretation of the new regulations which could look different when covers come off next year.

However, with the regulations severely restricting the scope for radical differences in philosophy between teams, Alonso believes the representation made by the 2022 car is accurate.

“I don’t think there will be big differences to what we see," he said. "I think the regulations are quite strict, there is not maybe the freedom we had in the past.

“Obviously there will be different philosophies for different teams, it will not look exactly the same as what we have seen, but that will be for the extra eye, I think for the normal people it will look not too different to what we saw.”

Alonso - Nice for all drivers to be united community

Alonso was impressed by the ‘launch’ conducted by F1’s organisers, which saw all 20 drivers unite together to reveal the car in physical form, following the sharing of previous computer-generated designs.

But for the drivers, there was no surprise or excitement in seeing it for real, and Alonso explained: “I think this was more for the outside people and for the fans to see the real developments of next year in full scale.

“I think for the teams or for us, we know a little bit what the car will be and the regulations, and it was not a big surprise to see the car but it was nice to have all the drivers there as everyone as a united community into the future.

“The new set of regulations, more sustainable cars and hopefully a better future for the sport with closer racing between cars and hopefully the teams more closer and more contenders for race wins and race points.”

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