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Ferrari fits "important" piece to the 2022 puzzle

Ferrari fits "important" piece to the 2022 puzzle

F1 News

Ferrari fits "important" piece to the 2022 puzzle

Ferrari fits "important" piece to the 2022 puzzle

Ferrari has confirmed work has been completed on its new simulator at Maranello with the facility set to play a key role in the development of the Scuderia's 2022 machinery.

Work on the new facility was completed this week with the simulator located in a new building that sits between the main office of Gestione Sportiva and the Fiorano track.

Although calibration work is still required, Gianmaria Fulgenzi, Ferrari head of supply chain, explained the benefits of the "cutting edge" simulator.

"Simulation and digital technology are going to play an ever more important role in the development of a Formula 1 car and we believe we have made the best possible choice, focusing on creating a tool that will enable us to make a generational leap in this sector," he said.

"To produce it, we chose Dynisma, a young and dynamic company. It has taken two years to complete this project and now we are ready to start using it on the 674 project, which is the name given to the car that will be produced based on the new technical regulations that come into force in 2022."

Simulator a 'Ferrari exclusive'

The simulator will primarily be an asset for the Scuderia as F1 accelerates towards the new era of aerodynamic regulations set to be introduced next year.

With on-track testing limited, the value of simulator time is an ever-increasing figure.

The simulator, says Ferrari, "is absolutely at the cutting edge in this field and reproduces in a 360° environment, the lowest latency and the widest bandwidth of anything currently on the market.

"It is based on a completely new concept the result of a collaboration between Scuderia Ferrari and Dynisma, a UK-based company headed up by former Ferrari engineer Ashley Warne. It has been produced exclusively for the Maranello team."

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