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Hamilton rules out political future after leaving F1

Hamilton rules out political future after leaving F1

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Hamilton rules out political future after leaving F1

Hamilton rules out political future after leaving F1

Lewis Hamilton has ruled himself out of a future in politics once he decides to quit F1.

In recent times, Hamilton has become an advocate for equality and diversity, not just within F1 but also the wider world which has earned him global recognition away from his status as a seven-time champion.

Yet Hamilton, who is poised to remain with Mercedes for at least another year beyond this season, has made clear he has no ambition to pursue a political career come the day he ends his time in the sport

Asked in an interview with Italian publication Corriere della Sera whether a political future was an option, Hamilton answered: "No! I'm not good at politics.

"I'm just trying to make my contribution, to find a way to get messages across [and] to make sure my five-year-old nephew, and those of his generation, don't live what we have. May they find a more open world."

Hamilton feels responsibility to not stay silent

After experiencing racism first hand, Hamilton has been particularly vocal on the need for people, including his fellow drivers and team personnel, to educate themselves, to make noise and help push for change in order to eradicate the issue.

The 36-year-old highlighted the war between Isreal and Palestine as a topic on which he feels responsible to at least educate himself and understand better the world around him.

"Many don't talk because they don't know enough, and I respect them," added Hamilton. "But I also don't see why they can't learn.

"We live in times when everyone comments on everything, sometimes without even trying to understand.

"I was reading the reactions on the war between Israel and Palestine. The majority are people who have never set foot in those places or who have not read anything.

"There are those who say 'Who cares?' and those who are worried. I feel responsibility.”


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