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McLaren criticise FIA over 'flexi-wing' clampdown delay

McLaren criticise FIA over 'flexi-wing' clampdown delay

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McLaren criticise FIA over 'flexi-wing' clampdown delay

McLaren criticise FIA over 'flexi-wing' clampdown delay

McLaren team principal Andreas Seidl has criticised the FIA for failing to immediately implement more stringent rear-wing flexing tests.

At the Spanish Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton and team principal Toto Wolff both made comments about the flexing of the Red Bull rear wing.

Via a technical directive, the FIA then swiftly announced it would increase the loads used in both 'pull-back' and 'push-down', albeit the changes will not be enforced until after next month's French Grand Prix.

“First of all, I think as an initial statement, when you see all the videos and pictures from Barcelona it is pretty clear what is happening there," said Seidl.

"Therefore, we welcome the reaction from the FIA with the technical directive where we are also happy with the basic content.

“Where we strongly disagree is the timing of the implementation because from our point of view there is no reason - after not just one team, we are talking about more teams here - already had already the advantage of doing things which in our point of view are clearly against the regulations.

"They have had that advantage for several races already, which is something we are obviously not happy with.

“But now allowing them to have a further advantage for some more races is clearly something we strongly disagree with and we are in conversation with the FIA.”

Although pressed a number of times, Seidl refused to name the teams he believed were utilising 'flexi-wings', although it is understood to be Red Bull, Alfa Romeo and Alpine.

As to why the topic was not raised before the Spanish GP, Seidl explained: “To be honest, I can’t judge if that topic was around with the FIA or with other teams already before Barcelona.

"But in the end, for us as a team that is not involved, we have limited information about what other cars are having on their cars and you need evidence.

“From our point of view, the only evidence, or the first time we saw evidence was the pictures or the videos that have been available in Barcelona.”


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